Caroline’s Wedding


Caroline’s Wedding

Caroline’s Wedding 150 261 Renee Cleovoulou

Looking for the perfect dress….

Searching for the real dress to match the one in the imagination of any future bride can be a long and tiresome journey. My search took me past many white dresses none of them seemed to match the idea that I had about wearing something ‘a little bit different’ on my very special day.

A few conversations with NicoleRenee proved that it is indeed possible to wear something that has a different and personal style and together we came up with a simple design for a light blue wedding dress which Renee found the perfect materials for.

To have a dress made is a very special experience and it is fantastic to see it become more and more what you dream of after a number of visits.

I wore my dress for more than 20 hours on my wedding day and felt both relaxed and elegant at the same time . . . .